Design Matters: Liz Danzico - a note to her younger self

I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts in transit, Design Matters, and heard from Liz Danzico of about her journey into design, what she values and what she might have told her younger self about love. Below is an excerpt from her 9/14 post Stillness in motion that really resonated with me:

If I met me, but many years before, we’d talk about love and time. Love will not be polite. It does not wait for opportune moments to approach you. It knows not your life plans or schedule or current or future intentions. It will not wait for you to be ready. There is, in this way, no time for it. If you wait for it, then, it will not come. As love — for a person, a profession, a practice, a city — comes to you. It crosses your path and is only yours to accept. It is up to you to open your hands and heart.
— Liz Danzico

Have a great week

- sarah