Leaf Art | Post Election Day 2016 Distraction

It's a really somber, grey day in Brooklyn. People are withdrawn and I'm feeling the mood, so instead of diving into a hole of fascinated horrors of the next 4 years, I made art with leaves I gathered from my neighborhood. Yes, I was that weird girl, alone, with headphones, dancing and picking up leaves.

I don't like to discuss politics much, but I will say that this election doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't continue carefully and beautifully crafting the world you live in. Trump may not uphold your values, beliefs and goals and he will shape and impact our life in broader terms, possibly negatively, but on a day to day basis, we're creating the small world we live and love in so let's focus on what's around us and just keep making shit fucking beautiful.

Create art. Build community. Love your life.

- sarah