Art & Activisim @ The Living Gallery

I recently helped my partner organize a night of art and activism at the Living Gallery in Brooklyn. As a painter, my partner has always been interested in visual expression and with recent understanding about cat calling and street harrassment amongst our close friends, he wanted to highlight this issue through art making and community. We designed flyers for print and social, wrote a manifest, sourced materials and designed the gallery space to fit our needs. We offered wine and paint supplies to our guests and made art for several hours. Each person pinned their work to a blank wall and we chatted about our experiences. At the end of the night, we took it all down and burned it! The goal was to express ourselves, share and remain present. The production was a lot of fun and the outcome even more so. Here are some photos I took of the event - enjoy!

Cool in Ceramics | Angel Oloshove

I recently discovered the work of Angel Oloshove, a Texas based ceramics artist working with beautiful glazing techniques and sculpture. My personal ceramics journey began traditionally with throwing pots, plates and cups but as I started learning how the medium behaved and could be manipulated (and I let go of predefined outcomes), I started experimenting with form more and more, resulting in several series of somewhat functional sculptures. I'm inspired to experiment more with glazing techniques now that I've been introduced to Angel's fun work - check her out and read this great interview by Uprise Art!

Studio Update!

Number one, I now have my ceramics work on view and for sale! Shop Studio Art :-)

Two, I've been really busy in studio - not only making art (some commissioned!) but running open clay, leading potion parties and assistant teaching a bunch of rad Brooklyn kids at Artshack!

Three, I've sold some of my ceramics, to strangers even!

Four, I'm excited about the newest collection I started working on in studio today. My groovy Series No.2 but inverted! If you're curious about my process and progress, follow Bijouxxx on Instagram - I post stories regularly!

These puppies have sold! Glad they're in new homes with people who appreciate them <3

And here are a few shots of what I've been up and currently working on - enjoy!

This new collection of work which is a combination of Series No.2 and its inverse, should be out of the kiln by midweek. Party on.  - sarah

This new collection of work which is a combination of Series No.2 and its inverse, should be out of the kiln by midweek. Party on.

- sarah

Leaf Art | Post Election Day 2016 Distraction

It's a really somber, grey day in Brooklyn. People are withdrawn and I'm feeling the mood, so instead of diving into a hole of fascinated horrors of the next 4 years, I made art with leaves I gathered from my neighborhood. Yes, I was that weird girl, alone, with headphones, dancing and picking up leaves.

I don't like to discuss politics much, but I will say that this election doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't continue carefully and beautifully crafting the world you live in. Trump may not uphold your values, beliefs and goals and he will shape and impact our life in broader terms, possibly negatively, but on a day to day basis, we're creating the small world we live and love in so let's focus on what's around us and just keep making shit fucking beautiful.

Create art. Build community. Love your life.

- sarah

The Hudson River Valley and Dia:Beacon

This Memorial Day weekend my man and I went upstate with plans to camp, hike, and visit Dia:Beacon. We did it all, even ending the trip on a high with a little late afternoon skinny dipping. Get out of town for not too much! Below is the itinerary we came up with on the fly and my favorite works at Dia:Beacon this Spring.

- sarah

3 Days & 2 Nights in the Hudson River Valley | Nature, Art, & Small Town Living

| F R I D A Y

3pm - Drive from Brooklyn to Pollace's Family Resort (clean, basic room, hot tub!)
10pm - Drinks and dinner at Back Bar

| S A T U R D A Y

12pm - Lunch at The Cascades (outdoor seating! cat sculptures)
1pm - Browse the shops on Main St.
2pm - Visit the home and grounds at Olana
3pm - Look at Haines Falls from the car
4pm - Swim and chill at Colgate Lake (lots of families here, but plenty of space to stretch out and explore away from the chatter)
8pm - Drinks and dinner at American Glory BBQ (live country music <3)
10pm - Fireside at the Blue Mountain Campgrounds (busy with younger groups and RV families, but quiet at night)

| S U N D A Y

11am - Brunch at Love Bites (outdoor seating!)
1pm - Swim and chill at Little Deep (clothing optional! and there's a man-made waterfall)
4pm - Arrive at Dia:Beacon
6pm - Head back to Brooklyn

After the camping, creek baths and gas station pit stops we eventually made it to Dia:Beacon late Sunday afternoon, not too busy inside but parking was to capacity, so we hiked it from the train station lot. After an iced coffee and a double chocolate cookie, we entered the musuem and it was everything I had hoped for. On view were some of my favorite artists (Richard Serra and Sol Lewitt in particular) and they weren't showing what we've typically seen from them, so it was an exciting visit. Amongst the well-knowns was also a class of sculpture and light artists that made an impression as well.

5.16_DiaBeacon (9 of 15).jpg

The 2 hour drive from Brooklyn was definitely worth the trip for the museum alone, but as we discovered, the surrounding area has some great natureways, parks, swimming holes, lunch spots and classic diners worth checking out as well. Not to mention there's also a Beer World, Beer Universe and a Beer Planet if you're thirsty :)

Zoe Ghertner

Working at Laird+Partners has given me a chance to delve into the world's of fashion photographers, installation artists, and the realms of luxury goods in a way I never would have as a freelancer. I've come across some incredible artists and recently discovered Zoe Ghertner - a fashion photographer based out of California. Learn more about Zoe in this interview by Elizabeth Pollard of Corinne.

These are some of my favorites from my research. Enjoy!

- sarah

Brooklyn Flea Find | Lynd Ward Wood Engravings

I spent a few hours at the Brooklyn Flea today and found these incredible engravings by artist and "wordless novelist" Lynd Ward. I love the moody atmosphere and dark quality of these pieces and plan to display the three landscape illustrations together - triptych style. The woman, I chose her because of the promiscuous pose and her slightly sinister expression. Totally enamored! Hope you enjoy and check out the flea - always a good time. Have a great week!

- sarah