Layout Design & Information Heirarchy


I love getting a chance to redesign resumes. I think it’s a really exciting time in people’s lives and generally, a boost to the resume is a boost to their self esteem, which can only be positive for the job search ahead. This week I helped two friends with their cv’s and I had fun creating a look that represented their industry and personality, while also making it easy to read for the interviewer.

For Alex, I designed several options - one simplified high level (title and company) version with room for a into and a list of skills. I like to let my resume read easily and then have my website or LinkedIn profile fill in. But that doesn’t work for everyone so it was fun to think about ways to organize and simplify a lot of copy.

Art & Activisim @ The Living Gallery

I recently helped my partner organize a night of art and activism at the Living Gallery in Brooklyn. As a painter, my partner has always been interested in visual expression and with recent understanding about cat calling and street harrassment amongst our close friends, he wanted to highlight this issue through art making and community. We designed flyers for print and social, wrote a manifest, sourced materials and designed the gallery space to fit our needs. We offered wine and paint supplies to our guests and made art for several hours. Each person pinned their work to a blank wall and we chatted about our experiences. At the end of the night, we took it all down and burned it! The goal was to express ourselves, share and remain present. The production was a lot of fun and the outcome even more so. Here are some photos I took of the event - enjoy!

WIP: Handcrafted by JES

I've just started working on a new project for Janet Stevens, a maker and crafter in rural Massachusetts. She produces handmade textiles and paper products that she sells at local flea markets and plans to sell on Etsy soon. I'm really excited about creating a logo and brand identity that will help propel her small business :)

Stay tuned for more updates as we progress!

- Sarah

WIP: Weeplay Kids Corporate Website

I was recently hired to develop a new website for the global brand engineering agency Weeplay Kids. Their current site was somewhat difficult to navigate and wasn't representing the youthful energy of the Weeplay brand, so I developed a clean site via Squarespace that drew design and color inspiration from the Weeplay logo and their retro roots. What I developed is a functional and fun representation of the Weeplay brand that now stands up to its competitors and will give future partners a better understanding of Weeplay and what they have to offer.

Stay tuned for the launch!

- Sarah


PAWS NY 2015 Calendar - done!

I've been working with PAWS NY - a nonprofit organization based in SF and NY - on a 2015 calendar featuring select NYC clients, pets, and volunteers. I'm really proud of what we've put together and hope you'll consider donating to their cause by purchasing the calendar - who can resist cute cats and puppies...we all know you look at Cute Overload every day.


WIP: PAWS NY x Time Out NY

The organization I've been a long-time volunteer for has become a client of mine which means I get to creatively engage in something that means a lot to me. Win win!

Rachel recently came to me with a new project for Time Out NY so I thought I'd share with you some of the progress we've made. They wanted something bright, friendly and direct so I came up with these options:

I'm really excited to share with you the final design and see the work live on Time Out NY, so stay tuned for more :-)